pieczeBusiness intelligence takes into account in particular the following issues:

 • Verification of companies, individuals and contractors,
• determining and reporting property
• analysis
• Identifying hidden defects in the investment,
• activities, procedures, and its competitors,
• Detailed reports on the selected theme,
• information and market analysis,
• market analysis
• Market intelligence
• photographic documentation

Badania rynkuThe report presents the current property assets owned by the company / person. This report consists of the following elements:

• Verification / confirmation of registration data / reported;
• Capital & Personal
• Shares in companies / economic activities,
• Arrangements for movable property (vehicles, machinery, valuable assets, etc.)
• Arrangements for the property,
• The contents of the land registry,
• Photographic documentation of assets (images of site inspection),
• Any additional information gained in the course of the study (bank accounts, funds, analysts’ opinions).

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